Shirley Gilmour Continues her Weekly Round of Golf at age 94.

8th July 2021

Shirley (standing), about to head out on her weekly round of 9 holes.

Shirley Gilmour continues to inspire all of those around her with her continued weekly round of golf, at 94 years of age.  As our oldest playing Member at Cottesloe, by two years, Shirley continues to play her 9 holes each week with the very friendly Senior Women’s group.

Questioning what Shirley likes most about playing golf, she responds with the social life and believes we have a wonderful course to play on, here at Cottesloe.

Shirley loves getting out on the course each week for some exercise and good humour, which we all need when it comes to playing golf!  She also enjoys the challenge each week and the friendly competitiveness that golf provides.

Shirley first joined the Club back in 1967, and has been a Member for over 53 years now.  She considers the Club environment to be very friendly with all Members having a disciplined attitude towards the rules and their behaviour.

Shirley served on the Women’s Committee in 1978 and 1979, and regularly participated in Club Championships, achieving runner up success in the 1982 Women’s Long Markers Championship before winning the event in 1988.  Being a Member at Cottesloe for so many years, Shirley feels she has certainly had her money’s worth!

When asked what her secret to running around the golf course at 94 is, Shirley humbly claims she’s ‘lucky’!  But we all know that you make your own luck.  Congratulations Shirley, on being such an inspiration to us all!

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