Lessons & Golf Clinics

Let our team of experienced teaching professionals help you improve your game and enjoyment of the sport. Lessons can be tailored to suit your needs and to concentrate on your most troublesome area of the game, so you’ll return to the course with improved technique and more confidence.

Lessons can be individual, group or even a dedicated golf improvement package, including Trackman technology. The Trackman technology allows tracking of all shots and putts with unrivalled accuracy and can identify your strengths and weaknesses. Our teaching professionals utilise this latest technology to help you better understand your swing. The Trackman is also used for fitting purposes, ensuring you have the best clubs for your playing style.

Cottesloe Golf Club’s team of golf professionals include: Matthew Heath – a PGA member for 16 years; Bruce Hay – a PGA member for 38 years, Lucas Paddick – who has played golf for 12 years and recently completed his PGA traineeship and Ross Metherell – a WA State coach for over 20 years and coach to many international players.

Scroll below for more information about our teaching professionals and a link to book lessons direct with each of the coaches.

Current Clinics

Call the Golf Shop for more information on group clinics.

Junior Clinics

Junior clinics are currently operating throughout the week, please call the Golf Shop for more information on classes and availability.

Operation 36 Junior Clinics

Juniors deserve a better way to learn to play golf!

At Cottesloe Golf Club we believe that every golf program should be centered around playing golf and making it fun to track progress over time. This is why we are excited to be a licensed Operation 36® facilitator. We leverage the Operation 36 Development Model and technology to make it fun for our golfers to improve their skills.

Mastering the Operation 36 Model:

Golfers Play 9 Holes From Division 1

Instead of starting at the full tee box, all golfers begin in Division 1 and will play 9 holes starting 25 yards from each green.

Shoot par (36) or better to pass Division

When they shoot par (36) or better, the golfer progresses to Division 2, where they start 50 yards from each green.

Complete the Division 10 challenge

This challenge continues until the golfer can shoot par (36) from all 10 divisions!

Keep track of progress with the app.

Our teaching professionals can communicate with you about your junior’s progress, help set goals and give you the tools to guide them outside of class.

Our Teaching Professionals

Matthew Heath

PGA Professional, Matthew Heath, has been a PGA Member for 16 years. He started his career at Lakelands Country Club where he coached for 10 years before being appointed the Head Professional at Pinjarra Golf Club in 2016.

Matt was awarded the prestigious WA PGA Club Professional of the Year for 2020.

Matthew’s coaching style is relaxed but goal driven. Matt likes his clients to have a clear understanding on what changes need to be made to improve their golf game. He endeavours to work alongside his clients to help them achieve their goals.

Matt incorporates both the driving range and the golf course into his lessons and adapts his teaching style to suit his client base.

You can contact Matt on mobile 0402 512 431, or email teachingpro@cottesloegc.com

Bruce Hay

Bruce was lucky enough to be there when Greg Norman’s career was just starting to take off and Charlie Earp was his full-time coach. It was a fantastic start to a career in golf. Charlie had a huge influence on his teaching and life. 

Bruce was involved with two victorious Division one Pennant Flags in 2013 and 2014. He also coached victorious Cottesloe Pennant Teams to the Women’s Division one flag in 2005, the Junior Girls pennant flag in 2007 and the Cottesloe Junior Boys pennant flag in 2003.

Bruce has the knack to simplify lessons and really get to the heart of the problem without confusing the golfer. His teaching influences are Charles Earp, Alex Mercer, Peter Crocker, Ben Hogan.

Bruce is also a renowned short game and bunker coach. 

You can contact Bruce on mobile 0497 233 481 and email bhay@pgamember.org.au

Lucas Paddick

Lucas has been playing golf for over 12 years now and he knew early on it was what he wanted to do as a career.

Lucas has now completed his PGA Traineeship and had the pleasure of studying on a weekly basis with Kerrod Gray as well as many other teaching professionals throughout the state.

When it comes to coaching, Lucas believes there is multiple ways to swing a club and his goals for his coaching sessions is to ensure you swing the club in a consistently repeatable motion that allows you to enjoy the game and play better golf.

Yuki Fukawa

JLPGA Teaching Professional
Accredited Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy Instructor 

Yuki grew up overseas and has ample experience playing junior golf. She also played the West Coast Mini-Tour for 3 years and upon returning to Tokyo, taught at the Nicklaus Golf Academy. Yuki is fluent in both English and Japanese and enjoys teaching golfers of all levels.

Yuki supports disabled golfers and continues to offer her assistance at these events. “It is an exceptional feeling to be able to teach this life-changing game of golf.”

Contact Yuki on 0458 677 718.