Junior membership at Cottesloe is currently suspended so we can manage progression into our Transitional Membership categories and beyond. This will be reviewed at the start of the new membership year by our Board, September 2024. Please note that juniors are still able to enrol in golf clinics with our Teaching Professionals, or have one on one coaching.

The following changes have recently been made to our Junior Membership:

  • Reclassification of Junior Categories to Cub (8-12 years), Junior Mid (13-15 years), and Junior (16-18 years).
  • Reduction on Entrance Fee top up will be applied based on years of Membership.
  • Membership Subscriptions will be expressed as a percentage of Full Membership.

Entrance Fees

Cub (8-12 years) – Nil

Junior Mid (13-15 years) – $500

Junior (16-18 years) – $1000

Junior members who remain at the Club will be entitled to a scaled reduction of Entrance Fee top up when progressing into Transitional Membership category. The reduction is a direct reflection of tenure.

  • 10 years – 10% of Entrance Fee top up
  • 9 years – 20% of Entrance Fee top up
  • 8 years – 30% of Entrance Fee top up
  • 7 years – 40% of Entrance Fee top up
  • 6 years – 50% of Entrance Fee top up
  • 5 years – 60% of Entrance Fee top up
  • 4 years – 70 % of Entrance Fee top up
  • 3 years – 80% of Entrance Fee top up
  • 2 years – 90% of Entrance Fee top up

There will not be a cap applied to junior membership numbers whilst the Club has the capacity to manage member access to the facilities at appropriate operational times.

Annual Subscription

Annual subscriptions are calculated as a percentage of Full (Gold) Membership.

Cub (8-12 years) – 7.5%

Junior Mid (13-15 years) – 10%

Junior (16-18 years) – 15%

Subscriptions are subject to review by the CEO and the Board.

About Junior Membership

Once a Member, juniors have access to all the Club’s facilities, including Clubhouse, change rooms and practice areas. Our aim is to teach and mentor our juniors to get a handicap in order to play competitions (on Sundays) and participate in our junior major events, culminating in the Junior Club Championships. Juniors are then able to play in competitions held at other clubs.

How to Join

If your child is interested in joining, we encourage you to make contact with one of the following people:

  • Junior Development Coordinator – Simon Winter
  • Women’s Captain – Jane Metcalf
  • Men’s Captain – Graeme Finlayson
  • Membership Officer – Christine Henderson

To contact Christine our Membership Officer: membership@cottesloegc.com or phone 9384 3222.

For a junior who is just starting out in golf, we recommend participating in two or more junior clinics, before considering applying for a membership.  We can provide equipment for these sessions if necessary, and can then assist in purchasing equipment when you are ready for the next step. Speak to our friendly Golf Shop team when the time is right for you.

Our Golf Shop also offers expert fitting sessions with top brand clubs and can offer competitive price matching for Members. 

Junior Playing Times

Competition Play

  • 18 holes – Sunday, mornings or afternoon, depending on course availability. Check online bookings.
  • 9 holes – Sunday as above.
  • Junior girls with a low handicap may play in women’s competitions during school holidays, subject to the approval of the Women’s Captain.
  • Junior boys with a low handicap may play in men’s competitions during school holidays, subject to availability and the approval of the Men’s Captain.

Social Play

Juniors can play during most social times, when there is no formal competition. Check the Club Fixtures document for formal competitions. Bookings can be made online.

  • 9 holes – Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3:45pm.
  • 9 holes – Saturdays at 3:45pm.

If you would like to make an enquiry click HERE.