Junior Clinics now Open for Term 3

23rd June 2022

Juniors deserve a better way to learn to play golf!

At Cottesloe Golf Club we believe that every golf program should be centered around playing golf and making it fun to track progress over time. This is why we are excited to be a licensed Operation 36® facilitator. We leverage the Operation 36 Development Model and technology to make it fun for our golfers to improve their skills.

Mastering the Operation 36 Model:

Golfers Play 9 Holes From Division 1

Instead of starting at the full tee box, all golfers begin in Division 1 and will play 9 holes starting 25 yards from each green.

Shoot par (36) or better to pass Division

When they shoot par (36) or better, the golfer progresses to Division 2, where they start 50 yards from each green.

Complete the Division 10 challenge

This challenge continues until the golfer can shoot par (36) from all 10 divisions!

Keep track of progress with the app.

Our teaching professionals can communicate with you about your junior’s progress, help set goals and give you the tools to guide them outside of class.

For term 2 we have two sessions available, with a maximum of 6 students in each, so we can concentrate on fine tuning skills.

To book your session go to:

Sat 2 PM: https://www.bookitlive.net/privatebooking/cottesloegolfclub/Q0d749aba3c

Sat 3 PM: https://www.bookitlive.net/privatebooking/cottesloegolfclub/Q34784eea50

Sun 2 PM: https://www.bookitlive.net/privatebooking/cottesloegolfclub/Q25eb8a5742

Sun 3 PM https://www.bookitlive.net/privatebooking/cottesloegolfclub/Qd7c3f1e193

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