Hole 7


Playing Tip – Men’s Tee

A straight drive down the right-hand side of the fairway is essential and sets up the best line for a very challenging second.

Most players will be hitting a long iron to a very challenging green. 

The ideal spot to aim point for your second shot into the centre of the green however this will still leave a very tricky putt on a multilevel green.

Playing Tip – Women’s Tee

Direction of the drive needs to be guided by the pin placement. Drives to the left can get caught with challenging slopes and lies but can open up the view to the green. This is a difficult undulating green dominated by a central valley running from back to front. The safest option is to pitch to the centre. 

Hole Statistics

Men's Tee Par: 4 358 m Index: 7/26/44

Women's Tee Par: 4 274 m Index: 6/28/48