Junior Golf

What We Offer

Cottesloe Golf Club aims to be the club of choice for Western Australian juniors seeking to play golf and develop their golfing skills.

We focus on three age groups:

  • 8-10 years
  • 11-13 years
  • 14-18 years

At Cottesloe Golf Club, we believe that golf is a game for life.  Once learned, golf can played all over the world and long into our senior years. The world handicap system ensures that every person plays on a level basis.

Golf for girls and young women is a major focus for us at the Club.  We host six recipients of the Australian Golf Foundation Scholarships for Girls, and hope to continue this program into 2022.

We are very aware of safety issues around golf.  Part of our teaching program focuses on personal safety and the safety of others.  Our Teaching Professionals and members who are also Community Instructors are all certified with the State’s ‘Working With Children’ certificate.

Junior Golf and Schools

We continue to look for new ways to increase the participation of golf with our younger generation. We are therefore keen to explore opportunities to partner with schools in our catchment area.  Please contact our Golf Operations at golfshop@cottesloegc.com to discuss options.


We offer MyGolf classes for beginners in the 8-10 age range.  We do this through a variety of measures:

  • In term school programs arranged on request with our local schools;
  • School holiday programs over an hour a day for five days;
  • In partnership with other providers, such as Lake Claremont Golf Club;
  • MyGolf Tour

To see more information about MyGolf, please click HERE.

Operation 36

Cottesloe Golf Club is excited to offer this effective developmental program to introduce and guide anyone in playing the game of golf. Operation 36 is a relatively new teaching technique that includes the latest in technology to take the frustration out of learning a new skill.

Private and Small Group Tuition

Our five golf professionals are all available to help your child to improve their golf. We can develop tailor made programs to suit small groups, including on course experience.  To inquire about private class or clinic call 9384 5823 or email golfshop@cottesloegc.com

School Holiday Programs

Each term break, our Teaching Professionals offer a range of clinics for small groups, targeted at beginners to junior golfers with some experience.  These classes have a maximum of 8 – 10 students. In recognition of girls’ preferring to learn a new skill in a single gender environment, we offer girls only courses in addition to mixed classes.

In Term Programs

Our Teaching Professionals offer a variety of in term programs for juniors either associated with a school, or as term long classes.  We try to have these based on skill level rather than age.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Junior Member, please click HERE.